Why I Recommend Gel Nails of All Types

  1. Gel Nails are healthy, beautiful, natural looking nails.
  2. Gel Nails are a great alternative to Acrylic Nails.
  3. Gel Nails are odorless which is healthier for you and your environment - 100% MMA free
  4. Gel Nails & Enhancements are not only beautiful, they look and feel very natural and are lightweight. 
  5. Gel Nails & Enhancements maintain clarity and do not discolor or lose their high gloss shine.
  6. Gel Nails are non-yellowing compared to some nails you see from Non-Standard Salons (NSS).  Do not let the "powdered gel" fool you.  Powder is powder.  Gel is gel.  If a salon is using a "powder gel", it is not gel.
  7. UV cured Gel Nails do not smudge or need drying time.
  8. Gel Nails are non-porous.Gel Nails are not affected by acetone/polish removers.
  9. Gel Nails provide an opportunity for nail biters to grow healthy nails.
  10. Gel Toe Restoration is wonderful for those who have lost a toe nail due to trauma, fungus or surgery.

Advantages of Gel Polish

  1. Gel Polish will not fade or full.  It lasts longer than nail polish enamel.
  2. Gel Polish has an unbelievable high gloss shine that does not wear out.
  3. There is no drying time.  No worries reaching  for your keys, coat or purse.  No smudges, scratches or the polish at the edge of your nails wearing down.
  4. No more dings, dents or smearing color on clothing.
  5. Great protective coating for your nails that last each day for up to 2 to 4 weeks.
  6. Wears thin and is flexible.
  7. The variety of colors sustains their color and do not discolor or wear off at the tips of the nail nor do they lose their high gloss shine.

Which Manicure Is Best For You?

French or Regular Manicure - This is a service that maintains your natural nails.  This service is best for people who have strong, natural nails or those who are not concerned about breaking nails or visiting the salon on a weekly basis.

Mega Gel Base Manicure - This service is a "step up" from a manicure, since it gives your nails a little extra-added strength and makes your polish last.  You can still break nails, however, you won't break as many as you would with a Manicure.  This is a great service to help you grow your natural nails and not have to repolish your nails until your next visit a few weeks later.  Once you get a Mega Gel Base Manicure, it will last and last!

Gel Nail Enhancements - This service creates the strongest nails that we offer.  You are able to add length.  You also may break a nail occasionally; you definitely break the least amount of nails with gel nails.  Your choices are endless.  You can have a colored gel to resemble "polish enamel", pink & white" for "Forever Lasting French Manicure".

Do you have questions regarding your nails?

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