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These are some common questions people ask.  If you have a question that is not listed please Contact Us and we will respond as quickly as we can!

1. Why should I wash my hands prior to receiving a service?
2. What happens during a manicure?
3. How often should I manicure?
4. What is the correct method for filing a natural nail?
5. How will the manicurist treat my cuticles?
6. Why should I get a manicure or pedicure service?
7. My nails keep splitting and breaking. What can I do?
8. I use hardeners all the time but my nails continue to break. Why?
9. What is the difference between Gel and Acrylics?
10. Is Gel better than Acrylics?
11. How can Gel fix the problem when Acrylic is lifting?
12. Why do my Acrylic nails lift and come off in the first few days?
13. What should I be cautious of during the first 48 hours after getting my enhancements?
14. Why are my nails growing so slowly?
15. How can I prevent nail polish from staining my nails?
16. Why do my nails feel sore after taking the nail enhancements off?
17. Are Acrylics damaging to the nail? My nails are so thin when I take the Acrylics off?
18. Can I place Acrylics back on immediately after soaking off the old Acrylics?
19. How can I prevent hang nails?
20. What is Paraffin Wax?
21. How can I stop biting my nails?
22. Why not use a mineral based cuticle oil, cream or lotion?
23. How do I maintain my Nail Extensions or Enhancements?

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